How To Decorate a Girl’s Room — Using Girls Wall Stickers

I think it would be a really lucky thing if you have a daughter. She is more like a angle in your family and brings a lot of fun and love. You want to give your whole love to her, to give the best things in life to her. Well, as for her room, how would you like to decorate it? If you have ever heard about the girls wall stickers, things will be quite different.

Vinyl wall art stickers have become more and more popular in recent times, and they are boosting a lot of advantages. For any of your rooms or places, you will surely get an appropriate wall sticker, even for your bathroom, actually many bathroom stickers are really fantastic, let alone wall stickers for living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen or office.


Today let’s just talk about girls wall stickers. When parents are planning to decorate their kid’s room, the very thing you would first consider is about the safety problem. While vinyl wall stickers are all made of vinyl which will never be harmful to our bodies. That’s one reason why vinyl wall stickers are so welcomed. You may easily get a nursery wall sticker at the wall sticker’s shop, and there are so many styles and designs for you to choose from. As for children, a growth chart wall sticker with some lovely animal friends must be a perfect fit for your nursery room, for example. And for your lovely daughter, there are some princess or fairy wall stickers with a castle, stars or a magic stick in the fairy’s hand. Many of the girls wall stickers are in warm color, which will definitely turn your girl’s room into a place full of love and sweet.

Girls are like an angle, and if you invite some lovely girls wall stickers into their room to add some colors and joy, they will surely be happy to see that.…

Decorate Your Children’s Room With Funny Kids Wall Stickers

If you want to give your children a comfortable environment to live, a lavish atmosphere to study. You can choose funny kids wall stickers to decorate your children’s room since I have finished the decorating with my daughter’s room last week. I have chosen an alphabet wall decal for her. There are different vividly animals’ image here and all of the letters here.


Then, I can teach her to read and know the animals. It’s really a great thing for us. And, I have applied a princess wall decal in my daughter’s, also since she is the most beautiful girl God sent to us. In my eyes and in my husband eyes, she is the only one princess in the world. Her happiness is our happiness. I hope she enjoy every day. That’s why I affixed this wall decal in her room. She will look at it at the first sight when she opened her eyes in the morning. She will know she is the princess.

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So, may be it’s a good choice for you to decorate you baby’s room.…

Unforgettable Memory Of British Old Friends

I think most of the British people who was born between 1960s had spent several years being obsessed with an animated children’s television series which was called Chorlton and the WheeliesIt was produced by British television channel ITV and ran from September 1976 to June 1979. 


This cartoon animation was mainly about the adventures of the protagonist Chorlton, who was a fictional happy dragon in Wheelie World. It was widely popular among children at that time and was spread for its brave spirit of adventure. The dubbing of this cartoon animation was quite funny and its cadent tones also won the preference of kids.


It is really necessary for you to watch the Chorlton and the Wheelies, and then you will fully get to know why this cartoon animation could be the archetypal in British. It came into the screen in the 1970s as a kid’s TV series while the surrealism it tried to reflect had made things timeless. Just imagine all of the drugs in the 1960s which hadn’t gotten close to its psychedelic creation.


The negative character in the animation was a witch called Fenella who was living with her evil army in a huge kettle whose name was Wheelie World. The name was using the Claptrap Von Spillderbeans. Wheelies were energetic, positive and happy word if it wasn’t for Fenella’s spell. Then the protagonist Chorlton appeared and he spoke like he was from Yorkshire. He was a dragon that was always happy and brought back the happiness while Fenella continuously tried to ruin it.


Certainly there are a lot of programs you still remember from your childhood, and I believe many of them have influenced you a lot. They gave you courage, made you more confident and also taught you how to be a better man. Although we have grown up into an adult and have gotten a lot of things to do in our daily life, there must be some time we recall them and feel happy and warm. They are all the memories,