Brief Introduction Of Nursery

The area of nursery is the smallest part in all of the rooms. But we still need to arrange the bed, desk and the cabinet in this small space. We are supposed to save the space when we are going to deal with these furnitures. There is still an important tip for you to decorate the nursery that is to assure the security of the children. That is to say we should pay more attention to the choosing the furniture, try to find some round-cornered furnitures. On the basis of it, the design of nursery will be great.

cxvcWhen we are decorating the nursery, we always have a harsh request for the design. Besides the appearance, type and safety, the color was considered. Different colors and different patterns not only stimulate the optic nerve of the children, but also meet the rich imagination of them. Green will arouse the yearn for the nature world. Red will stimulate children’s enthusiasm. Blue makes you feel easy and relax. Purple is the dreamlike color, and so on. The parents should choose the color carefully according to the children’s age, gender and personality. There are a large variety you can choose. Such as, light red, pea green, light pink, bisque, light yellow, milky white or violet, etc. It is just like go into a heaven of childhood when we are go into this kind of nursery. The most important thing parents should remember is the paint coating.

fdfsfdsIt is better to choose water paint. Although it is not easy to dry, the pollution index of it is the lowest. Not only the wall paint, but also the wood lacquer. The furniture lacquer is the main resource caused the pollution of benzene in the room. So, the water-soluble material will be a great choice for you. And bed is the the factory of creating the dreams every night. Here, there are happy and sad, there are sorrow and angry. We deduced our own imaginative space. We refuse the baldness, reject the mediocre because we need …

Interior House Design

Interior design is to create function reasonable, beautiful and comfortable, to meet people’s material and spiritual living needs on interior environment by applying the methods of substance technology and the principles of architectural design according to the building’s using properties, the surrounding environment and corresponding standard. This space environment both have using values to meet the relevant functional requirements and reflect the spiritual elements of historic context, building style and environmental atmosphere. Concisely to regard “ creating an interior environment which satisfy people’s material and spiritual living needs” as the purpose of interior design.

002It is not very long time that interior design as a new course. But It is existed from the beginning of human civilization that people consciously arrange the house of they own living in and proceeding activities, even beautify decorations, endow comfortable atmosphere for interior environment. Since the start of the architect, the progress of interior design produced at the same time. So, study in the history of interior design is to study the history of architect.

001Interior design is a preparation work to meet certain construction purpose, is a value-added preparation work to proceeding deeply on the existing interior space of the building. The purpose of it is to let the specific material in the aspect of technology and economy to form a can-be-prepared work of the qualified products under the limited condition of feasibility. It needs the knowledge of engineering technology and the theory, skill in art. Interior design is evolved from the decoration part of the architect design. It is the recreation to the building’s interior environment. Interior design can be divided into two parts: public building space and household. When we refer to the interior design, many important terms would be mentioned. Such as, generatrix, space, color and function, etc. Interior design widely indicates that any relevant items can be planned in the house practically: wall, window, curtain, door,light, air-conditioner, furniture and decorations, for instance.…