The Classification Of Wallpapers

Almost every house has decorated its walls with wallpapers or wallcoverings. They are increasingly becoming more and more popular among interior decoration. Not only at house, many places apply wallpapers as their decoration such as offices, public areas and so on. They are boosting their advantages like a large variety of patterns and styles, easy to apply and the good looking. Today, I would like to write an article about the classification of wallpapers and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

11. Pure Papered Wallpaper
Pure papered wallpaper is a kind of wallcoverings that are all made of pulp. Because of applying the pure natural paper pulp, they have a high quality of breathability. They maintain the ability of absorbing water and moisture. The outstanding features of pure papered wallpaper is that they are environmentally friendly, not easy to have bubbles between wallpapers and the walls. Also, they are free from extraneous odour and not easy to go moldy. As a result, they are the first choice of European children’s rooms and a kind of ideal interior house decoration materials, and gradually become the favorite wall decors for green home improvement as well.

2. PVC Wallpaper
This kind of wallpaper is made of paper based material and PVC. They are pressed together into the PVC wallpaper and then printed different patterns and coating. They have two structures in which the low is the paper base. Within certain realms, the thicker the paper base is, the better the hardness of the wallpapers is. Also, they are eve not easy to wrap the edges of the wallpapers or have other problems during the installment.

83. Non-Woven Wallpaper
Non-woven wallpaper is the most popular new typed green wallpaper all over the world. They are boosting their being environmentally friendly. Non-woven wallpapers are made of some natural plant fibers like cotton and fiber, dacron, acrylic fiber, and some other synthetic fibers. Compared with the PVC wallpapers, this kind of wallpaper is relatively expensive. And also, the patterns of their design and color are less than PVC wallpapers. The tones are almost tint and there are many pure colored papers.

Considering from the aspect of being environmentally friendly, you may choose both pure papered wallpapers as well as non-woven ones. While, the PVC wallpapers are relatively affordable among the three. There are tremendous types of wallcoverings available in the market and the three are the most seen. You may choose the type according to your budget, appliance and some other reasons. The most part of our house is taken up by the walls, so wall decoration is one of the most important item in house improvement. Hope this post will help you with your wallpaper selection.