Nursery Décor

rere_副本With the development of living standard, parents pay more attention to the decoration of kid’s room. According to the survey, environmental problem is the first important thing. It is the most concerned issue by parents. But it really needs designer’s special consideration on how to suit the characteristics of children and the environmental protection. We are supposed to consider that the features of children’s room on the basis of nursery decoration should follow the overall pattern and the whole style.

uiuiuIn order to reduce the pollution of decoration, it is better to lessen the construction technology and manufacturing procedure because of many materials contain some harmful substance. In choosing materials, parents should put natural and solid wood as the main subject with lightness and ventilation considered. In decorating, everyone corner of the room should be rounded to the greatest extent.

At present, on the basis of variety, practical and safety is the key point. In children’s room, we should try to avoid the sharp mental objects and charge supply. We should take desks and drawers’ handle into consideration to make sure it is safe. Some children are like to crawling on the ground. Actually, we can design a special activity space for them. Some children are like to drawing on the wall. So, we can meet their needs to provide a wall which can be scrubbed.

For some elder children, especially for boy’s room, we can apply some wall stickers about sports and exercise about playing basketball or some other patterns. For girl’s room, we can choose some beautiful flowers or lovely animals wall stickers.


Cork flooring is soft but not slipped. It is very fit for nursery. The raw material of cork flooring is made from the oak bark and it is specially conducted. Walking in the above, there will be less noise. The quietness is a need for the nursery. Try to meet the children’s interest. They will love to live in a room which gave them a great pleasant.