Curtain Materials In Interior Decoration

7u7ujjIt is well known that curtains are one of the most essential upholsteries in our house, and there are a large variety of patterns and styles in the market. So we need to pay more attention to selecting the appropriate curtains for our new house. Today, I would love to list the classification of different types of curtains widely applied in our interior decoration.

According to their materials, the curtains can be divided into such kinds as cotton, linen, gauze, silks and satins, flocking, bamboo and artificial fiber. Among all the common materials, cotton and gauze are the most frequently-used ones. They are easier to wash and change and suitable for bedroom. The gauze curtains will enhance the vertical feeling of the room and are highly decorative. They also maintain good light-admitting quality and are widely applied in living room and balcony.

werwterAs for silks, satins and flocking materials, they share fine texture and luxuriously gorgeous. Their sound insulation and light blocking characteristic also work well, but the disadvantage of this sort of curtains is its relatively high price. So serious consideration should be paid before choosing this kind. Talking about curtain in bamboo material, they are boosting the clear texture and favorable daylighting effects. In addition, the bamboo curtains are wearproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and will not fade in color. They are highly appropriate in living room and balcony. Then for curtains in artificial fiber material, they are a little harder, durable and easy to wash. Artificial fibered curtains also maintain the advantage of being light blocking.

fdgfgLast but not the least, curtains are playing a relatively important role in our interior decoration. So we should not only carefully consider about its decorativeness, but also further think about how the material of the curtains will influence our lives. Generally speaking, cotton, linen and flocking materials are the best. If you want to have a good sleep in the daytime, you’d better choose cotton and flocking ones for your bedroom since they share high quality of light blocking. The more thicker the curtain is, the better sound absorption result they will possess.

56767678There are some common materials of curtains being widely used in recent times, and really hope this article will help you with your curtain selection. For sharing more ideas or suggestions about curtain decors, you may leave a message below or just drop us an email. We are fully looking forward to your feedback.