Advantages Of Adding Wall Stickers for Nursery (To Your Children’s Jungle-Themed Nursery)

Decorating a child’s room is a fun activity for soon-to-be parents as well as those who already have kids. Aside from fun, it also fosters creativity. In this task, the walls should be one of the top considerations. The wall design is a great factor in setting the mood in a child’s room. With today’s numerous options for wall furnishings, there shouldn’t be similar wall designs. There is one way for you to set yourself apart from the ordinary. That is by adding wall stickers for nursery.

3Adding wall stickers is already a trend in modern day interior design. It can be applied in all rooms at home, even in bathrooms. Quotes, branches, flowers, characters and photographs are just a few of the most preferred wall stickers. However, for nurseries, you can try jungle wall stickers to complete a jungle-themed interior design.
Why Jungle Theme?
Some soon-to-be parents would like the gender of their babies to come as a surprise. If you are one of these parents, jungle theme is a perfect choice for your room preparation chores.  It is one of the few neutral choices out there. Nevertheless, you can still pick this theme even if you already decided to stick to the furnishings that fit best the gender of your kid. For instance, there are pink-colored animal wall art for baby girls’ nurseries.

Aside from neutrality, jungle theme is also a lasting theme. If you apply related children wall stickers in your baby’s nursery, you can leave it there until he or she is about 7 years old or even a little bit older. In these ages, your child may have an interest in things other than animals.

The Classification Of Wallpapers

Almost every house has decorated its walls with wallpapers or wallcoverings. They are increasingly becoming more and more popular among interior decoration. Not only at house, many places apply wallpapers as their decoration such as offices, public areas and so on. They are boosting their advantages like a large variety of patterns and styles, easy to apply and the good looking. Today, I would like to write an article about the classification of wallpapers and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

11. Pure Papered Wallpaper
Pure papered wallpaper is a kind of wallcoverings that are all made of pulp. Because of applying the pure natural paper pulp, they have a high quality of breathability. They maintain the ability of absorbing water and moisture. The outstanding features of pure papered wallpaper is that they are environmentally friendly, not easy to have bubbles between wallpapers and the walls. Also, they are free from extraneous odour and not easy to go moldy. As a result, they are the first choice of European children’s rooms and a kind of ideal interior house decoration materials, and gradually become the favorite wall decors for green home improvement as well.

2. PVC Wallpaper
This kind of wallpaper is made of paper based material and PVC. They are pressed together into the PVC wallpaper and then printed different patterns and coating. They have two structures in which the low is the paper base. Within certain realms, the thicker the paper base is, the better the hardness of the wallpapers is. Also, they are eve not easy to wrap the edges of the wallpapers or have other problems during the installment.

83. Non-Woven Wallpaper
Non-woven wallpaper is the most popular new typed green wallpaper all over the world. They are boosting their being environmentally friendly. Non-woven wallpapers are made of some natural plant fibers like cotton and fiber, dacron, acrylic fiber, and some other synthetic fibers. Compared with the PVC wallpapers, this kind of wallpaper is relatively expensive. And also, the patterns of their design and color are less …

Curtain Materials In Interior Decoration

7u7ujjIt is well known that curtains are one of the most essential upholsteries in our house, and there are a large variety of patterns and styles in the market. So we need to pay more attention to selecting the appropriate curtains for our new house. Today, I would love to list the classification of different types of curtains widely applied in our interior decoration.

According to their materials, the curtains can be divided into such kinds as cotton, linen, gauze, silks and satins, flocking, bamboo and artificial fiber. Among all the common materials, cotton and gauze are the most frequently-used ones. They are easier to wash and change and suitable for bedroom. The gauze curtains will enhance the vertical feeling of the room and are highly decorative. They also maintain good light-admitting quality and are widely applied in living room and balcony.

werwterAs for silks, satins and flocking materials, they share fine texture and luxuriously gorgeous. Their sound insulation and light blocking characteristic also work well, but the disadvantage of this sort of curtains is its relatively high price. So serious consideration should be paid before choosing this kind. Talking about curtain in bamboo material, they are boosting the clear texture and favorable daylighting effects. In addition, the bamboo curtains are wearproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and will not fade in color. They are highly appropriate in living room and balcony. Then for curtains in artificial fiber material, they are a little harder, durable and easy to wash. Artificial fibered curtains also maintain the advantage of being light blocking.

fdgfgLast but not the least, curtains are playing a relatively important role in our interior decoration. So we should not only carefully consider about its decorativeness, but also further think about how the material of the curtains will influence our lives. Generally speaking, cotton, linen and flocking materials are the best. If you want to have a good sleep in the daytime, you’d better choose cotton and flocking ones for your bedroom since they share high quality of light blocking. The more thicker …

Nursery Décor

rere_副本With the development of living standard, parents pay more attention to the decoration of kid’s room. According to the survey, environmental problem is the first important thing. It is the most concerned issue by parents. But it really needs designer’s special consideration on how to suit the characteristics of children and the environmental protection. We are supposed to consider that the features of children’s room on the basis of nursery decoration should follow the overall pattern and the whole style.

uiuiuIn order to reduce the pollution of decoration, it is better to lessen the construction technology and manufacturing procedure because of many materials contain some harmful substance. In choosing materials, parents should put natural and solid wood as the main subject with lightness and ventilation considered. In decorating, everyone corner of the room should be rounded to the greatest extent.

At present, on the basis of variety, practical and safety is the key point. In children’s room, we should try to avoid the sharp mental objects and charge supply. We should take desks and drawers’ handle into consideration to make sure it is safe. Some children are like to crawling on the ground. Actually, we can design a special activity space for them. Some children are like to drawing on the wall. So, we can meet their needs to provide a wall which can be scrubbed.

For some elder children, especially for boy’s room, we can apply some wall stickers about sports and exercise about playing basketball or some other patterns. For girl’s room, we can choose some beautiful flowers or lovely animals wall stickers.


Cork flooring is soft but not slipped. It is very fit for nursery. The raw material of cork flooring is made from the oak bark and it is specially conducted. Walking in the above, there will be less noise. The quietness is a need for the nursery. Try to meet the children’s interest. They will love to live in a room which gave them a great pleasant.…