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Series 1 (September 1976)
Happiness is Hatched
Happiness is Dragon Shaped
Chorlton Says it With Flowers
The Lost Wheelie
Chorlton and the Crime Wave
Chorlton Gets His Wheels
The Great Drought
The Wheelhockey Derby
Many Happy Returns
The Dancing Lesson
The Day of the Grand Race
When the Band Played On and On
Chorlton’s Gift of Happiness

Series 2 (September 1977)
The Up and Down Plants
Toady Trouble
Tyred Out
Chorlton and the Silence Spell
Chorlton and the Singing Stones
Inside the Kettle
The Day of the See-Through Chorlton
Double Trouble
The Keep-Fit Class
The Wishing Tree
Take Your Partners
Chorlton and the Snow Dragon

Christmas Special (December 1977)
Chorlton and the Iceworld

Series 3 (March 1979)
Fenella and the Face Fungus
Spot the Happiness Dragon
Queen Doris’s Silver Jubilee
Chorlton and the Spinning Spell
The Day the Lights Went Out
Free-Wheeling Fenella
Hop, Skip and Crunch
Hide and Shriek
Octoblob at Twilight
Pablo’s World
Skateboard Special
Some Like It Hot
Royal Wheelyworld Pipe Band